About Christina

Christina offers positive, fun, supportive training.  She holds a B.A. degree from Montclair State College as well as two Sport/Personal Training certifications through The American Muscle and Fitness Council.

Specializing in weight-loss, muscle building / body sculpting, Christina believes that for physical change to be accomplished, the mind must first be met and exercised.

Foremost in her successful, popular technique is her ability to give positive reinforcement, her dedication to confidence building, and her commitment to teaching deep acceptance of choosing a permanent healthy change.
IMG_1333Building her workouts with time-tested weight lifting, she also embraces yoga, plyometrics, boxing, pilates, and swimming. Christina knows the key word is Versatility when creating kick butt, fun workouts.

She considers herself a life-long student dedicated to learning the latest fad in exercise fun. And Mother Nature is called upon with FUN outdoor workouts (as well as indoor ones) that are always available per client requests.
Workouts that are never the same. Always Challenging. And filled with LAUGHTER– the key to any healthy habit.

Not the typical personal trainer, her phone is never on her when she is with a client. Complete attention for your safety, your enjoyment, and Your Progress.

Contact her to get on “The Book” as soon as you are ready to get healthy and achieve your fitness goals.